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What are Virtual Fireplaces, Fish Tanks and Lava Lamp DVDs?
They are known as ambient visuals. They transform your TV with three full screen soothing visuals! Warm yourself with our selection of comforting Fireplaces, Classic, Modern or a Camp fire for telling stories with the kids. You can give any room an aquatic vibe, while enjoying a relaxing Fish tank. Finally, you can chill out to a full screen Lava Lamp in perpetual motion, made with real lava from the Lava Bubbles DVD!

How do they work?
Easy, put the DVD in your player and select the main title. The DVD is encoded to Auto-Loop so after the title plays it will seamlessly start again providing continuous entertainment.

Is there Sound on the Disc?
The Fires crackle and Pop, The Fish Tank and Lava Lamp are silent. So mute the sound and mix and mingle, chat with friends or put on a favorite selection of music.

Why use Ambient Visuals?
TV Screens are now an integral part of most homes and businesses. Your TV screens can either enhance the environment or take away from it. Turn off the screens and it leaves a cold empty space. If you put on ambient visuals, they will light up your screens and will create a vibrant mood. Treat your guests to good time.

Why Buy VJWorld Products?
VJWorld is one of the most experienced and trusted names in this industry. We make quality products and price them so they are affordable for our loyal customers. Other companies may offer one or two selections on their titles but we give you so much more!

Who Else Uses Them?
You will find our products in over 60 countries, in the simplest and most prestigious homes, bars and clubs. We are contacted by large organizations that want a quality premium DVD for their clients. Government departments purchase them to illuminate events and offices. You may even find them in your neighbors homes illuminating and entertaining. Enjoy!Auto-Looping
Fills The Screen
Crackling Audio


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