Intel FXX35HSCAR 3.5″ Hot Swap Drive Carrier

Brand Name: Intel
Price: $14.50
(as of Jul 05,2018 02:41:14 UTC – Details)

Spare 3.5 inch hot-swap drive carrier for select 1U, 2U and 4U Intel Server systems and Chassis. Compatible 1U Intel Server Systems: LR1304SPCFG1R, R1304SPOSHBN, R1304SPOSHBNR, R1304SPOSHOR, R1304SPOSHORR, R1208SPOSHOR, R1304WT2GS, R1304WT2GSR, R1304WTTGS, R1304WTTGSR; Compatible 2U Intel Server Systems: MCB2312WHY2, R2308WTTYS, R2312WTTYS, R2308WTTYSR, R2312WTTYSR; Compatible 1U Intel Server Chassis: R1304WTXXX; Compatible 2U Intel Server Chassis: H2312XXLR3, H2312XXKR2, H2312XXLR2, R2312WTXXX, R2000WTXXX; Compatible 4U Intel Server Chassis: P4000XXSFDR.3.5″ Hot-swap Drive carrier
Compatible with select 1U and 2U Intel server chassis and systems
See Product description for full compatibility list

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