Nokia’s Smartphone Problem: The End of an Icon? (Smartphone Chronicle)

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What happened to one of the most celebrated corporate champions from the tiny Finland? Is Nokia the next Kodak? How the Finnish mobile phone giant reached this crossroads? The book chronicles Nokia’s lost decade in which the venerable handset champion found itself in the clutches of a vicious cycle. “Nokia’s Smartphone Problem” delves into one strategic blunder after another to offer a vivid account of this tale of management indecision. It provides a riveting look at how this comedy of errors took one of the world’s most global companies to a near-death experience.

“Nokia’s Smartphone Problem” is written to educate and inform managers in the IT, wireless, and consumer electronic industries. It’s a groundbreaking book that delves in the past, present, and future of Nokia and smartphone business at large to find all the pertinent answers regarding smartphone product development cycle. That translates into a detailed treatment of smartphone industry’s business models and basic building blocks like hardware, operating systems, apps and ecosystems. And that makes the book a must-read for managers tasked with formulating a mobile strategy for their businesses.

The book takes a microscopic look at the seemingly shaken Nokia’s product and strategy roadmaps. Next, it takes readers inside Nokia’s three-year relationship with Microsoft and narrates how the breakup eventually led to the formation of the New Nokia. The book further reconstructs Nokia’s mid- to long-term plans for reinventing this great European corporate icon.

The Nokia story is engulfed in a plethora of misconceptions. A lot of information about the mobile phone pioneer is cluttered, and a number of facts are not in place. “Nokia’s Smartphone Problem” aspires to clear the air, develop a comprehensible picture, and thus set the record straight. Nokia is no more the master of the mobile game, but it is still an important company. The book digs deep into Nokia’s heritage, strategy blunders, major stumbling blocks, and bailout efforts. That way, it attempts to recollect notes from this epic moment in Nokia’s life and create an authentic document that not only recounts its breathtaking transformation, but also provides a discourse on the Finnish company’s turnaround plan.

Find out:

•A highly readable account of smartphone building blocks—OSes, apps, ecosystems and more

•A captivating history of Symbian, MeeGo and Sailfish software ventures

•What went wrong in Nokia’s phenomenal partnership with Microsoft?

•Stephen Elop’s scorecard and the making of a less Finnish Nokia

•How the “New Nokia” might look like?

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